Introduction to mindful marketing?

An intro into the concept of mindful marketing, including what marketing is, why you're here, and how to get the best out of this course.

Starting with the basics

What is a marketing plan?

The marketing theory

Creating a plan – objective

Creating a plan – analysis

Creating a plan – strategy

Creating a plan – tactics

Creating a plan – measurement

Lets do some DOING

The mindful part of mindful marketing


Ted Talk on how to find time for things you’re passionate about:

Mindful marketing toolkit – Worksheet 1

Mindful marketing toolkit – Worksheet 2

We’re going to take some time today to look at some tools which I’ll need you to remember as we go on this journey together.

Working in a small business, you’re bound to have a lot to juggle. Hell, even now working in bigger businesses I still struggle to make time for everything we’ll need to do to successfully pull off your marketing plan.

So, what I’d like to do now is help you figure out what is most important, and give you some tips on how to carve out the time to actually do it. You’ll be able to come back to these things time and again when you need a little reset to help you be as mindful as possible with your time and marketing activity.

And the first thing that I want to say here is about protecting your marketing time – or for right now, protecting the time you have to devote to this course. Most of you are probably juggling more than just your business – you might have other work commitments to support yourself, or family / social commitments to juggle. 

I’d like you to try and find half an hour or an hour of your day to devote to completing this course.

It might not be every day, but it should at least be every week. Make a pact with yourself that you will regularly show up at this time, with the intention that you are going to invest back into your business by up-skilling on marketing or creating and measuring your existing activity.

I imagine your first reaction to this is ‘No way, I can’t find any more time in my day’. But if this is important enough to you, I know you’ll do it. Small consistent actions can build over time – and that’s what got you here in the first place – you’re already doing them.

There’s a wonderful Ted talk that explains this far better than I ever could, so I want you to stop this video now, and go and watch it, and don’t come back until you’ve decided when your half hour or hour will be.

Here’s the Ted Talk:

A good place for us to start is by looking at what you’re currently doing marketing-wise (if anything) and how it’s going. By listing this all out upfront it’ll help you understand how much time you’re spending on everything and if you feel it’s working. If we don’t go through this exercise, we can’t truly achieve mindful marketing.

When I say marketing activities, I mean anything from updating your website, to using social media. What we write down here doesn’t even have to be particularly about promotion – it could be asking customers for reviews or feedback, or sending a newsletter. Maintaining a relationship with your customers or future customers, and researching their needs is also marketing activity.

It’s okay if you don’t have any current marketing activities.This is an exercise you can come back to at any point to ensure you’re using you’re investing your time most effectively.

Write down:

  • Your current marketing activities
  • How long you spend on them roughly
  • What results are currently seeing? (Can you define what impact you think these activities will have on your business – is it more sales, more credibility if you’re asking for reviews, is it returning customers if you offer a discount. If you’re writing down ideas of things you might want to do in future, just put an estimate in here)
  • How you feel about these activities. How do you feel about doing these activities? Do you have time for all of them? Are they a lot of effort for you to achieve?

Okay, now you’ve got a list of all your activities and have some understanding of how much time they take you, and how much you get back from them. We can now turn this into something visual which will help you be mindful with your marketing. 

Take your list of activities, thinking about how much time and effort you put in, and decide where they go on the high/low effort scale.

Then, think about them in terms of impact on your business. The results or expected results – how would they benefit your business? 

For example, thinking about an activity like posting daily on social media – how does that impact your business? Do you get a lot of engagement and does that translate to orders? If the answer to either of those questions is no, this particular activity probably sits within the high effort, low impact box.

Now if you know, for example, your biggest challenge is getting repeat customers, you might be thinking about setting up a post purchase discount code. If you’re aware discount codes work for your business, you could see good results from this and therefore the impact would be quite high. That would then sit in the high impact / low effort part of the matrix. Keep plotting all your activities until they’re all on there.

Once your activities are plotted you can then see which order you should be approaching everything in. 

The ones at the top right of the matrix are your easiest wins, continuing with those activities is a good idea. The high impact / high effort activities might be difficult, but they’ll pay off if you can put the time in.

As we move to the left of this matrix, you should really be considering whether to spend your time on anything that sits in the low effort / low impact box. And I would say just forget anything sitting in your low impact / high effort box. These tasks will just take you away from something more valuable to your business.

Given the reflection we’ve just done, how are you going to move forward? What will you change?

If you’ve already got marketing activity running, how will you adapt it?

If you haven’t – have you had any ideas about the activities you want to do? Where might they sit in the matrix? What do you think are the most important things to try first? But don’t take action yet, just keep a note of all your ideas, and we’ll come back to them – mindfully.

I’ll see you for the next lesson where we’ll talk about you, what marketing actually is and how you might already be doing some marketing without knowing it!