Introduction to mindful marketing?

An intro into the concept of mindful marketing, including what marketing is, why you're here, and how to get the best out of this course.

Starting with the basics

What is a marketing plan?

The marketing theory

Creating a plan – objective

Creating a plan – analysis

Creating a plan – strategy

Creating a plan – tactics

Creating a plan – measurement

Lets do some DOING

What is mindful marketing?

Hi! Welcome to your mindful marketing toolkit. This toolkit will give you everything you need to help you create marketing strategies that deliver meaningful results for your business. 

There are exercises and templates in here that you can come back to again and again whenever you need a bit of focus, or need to level up your marketing activity. It’s for anyone who needs to start or is currently doing marketing for their small vegan business, regardless of their level of experience.

I’m going to kick off with a little bit about me, and then dive into why I believe mindful marketing is important and more about what you can expect from this course.

Throughout my career, the biggest challenge I have faced is how to create and carry out achievable, realistic plans with clear measures of success.

And this is my full time job!

The concept of marketing for someone who runs their own business can sound like a big scary thing, and it is really broad. It covers so many different activities – from advertising on social media to building a usable website. 

It means different things to different companies depending on their product and market – but the one thing all marketing has in common is that you are in control of how big or small your efforts are. And actually – in a digital world, creating something scalable is easier than ever – but only if you approach it in the right way.

Whether you own, or work for a small business you wear so many hats. It can be incredibly difficult to figure out how much time and effort to put into each area of the business. And words like ‘marketing strategy’ or ‘marketing plan’ can sound daunting, especially if that’s not your area of expertise.

Marketing sounds like it’ll be a time suck that takes you away from fulfilling orders or servicing clients.

But by being super focused on what you want to achieve with your marketing, you can massively level up your business.

Most other marketing courses will overload you with information, which can feel overwhelming – and don’t get me wrong, this course is PACKED with marketing theory BUT it also offers practical solutions to applying this within the everyday workings of your own business.

If we take the principle of mindfulness, it is ‘the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something’. Usually during mindful meditation for example, this is being aware of your own body and feelings.

What I’m asking you to do during this course is to be conscious of your marketing efforts and how you feel about them – for example, blocking out time to consistently work on planning, executing and measuring results and being confident in applying any learnings to improve the activity for next time.

This course will cover the mindset, theory and tools you need to fully research your market and audience, create a marketing plan you can measure, and offer advice on how to optimise whatever marketing activity you decide to do so you can see greater impact in the future.

Plus you’ll get my email address so you can contact me anytime you have questions. I’ll be there to support you in building this plan and help you see results.

So whether you’re new to marketing, already dabbling or have a full blown strategy that you want to improve, by the end of this course you will know how to mindfully market your products or services and level up your business.

Anyway, that’s enough about me and this course, I think it’s time we dive into what marketing actually is. BUT before we get into that I want us to check in with whatever your business has got going on currently.  And trust me, even if you’re just getting started, this exercise will be invaluable when it comes to creating a mindful approach to your marketing – or anything you do for your business!

So well done for completing the first lesson! I hope you’ve got a bit more of an understanding about what we’ll cover and the valuable stuff you’ll take away from this course. I’ll see you for the next lesson where we’ll look at some tools that will set you up for success when it comes to growing your small vegan business.