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We encourage you to interact with your tutors as much as possible. Ask them questions, send them your feedback, create lifelong connections, and share your progress. We’re stronger when we work together, after all.

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The coolest part? All of our teachers are vegan! So you can rest assured that you’ll be supporting a 100% plant-based economy whilst you learn.

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Who can learn on MycoLearn?

Militant vegans only (plus pretty much everyone else).

Our platform was developed to showcase the talents of the vegan community but that doesn’t mean you have to be vegan too! Wherever you are on your plant-based journey, you’re welcome to study with us on MycoLearn. 

Just check out some of the awesome topics we teach over on the right hand side –>

Do I have to pay for MycoLearn membership?

It’s completely free to join our MycoLearn student community!

By signing up as a student, you’ll benefit from our free resources, brand masterclasses, and taster courses. We also have a huge variety of online courses that are priced individually.

What's the general structure of a MycoLearn course?

Our courses are usually video-based. But some of our teachers like to make you work extra hard by giving out supplemental teaching resources, such as PDF handouts, templates, diagrams, quizzes, and even homework assignments!

What happens if a teacher removes their course from MycoLearn?

Until we achieve world domination, our eLearning marketplace model means we do not own the copyright to the content of the courses. Instead, the course creators own the rights to all of their content (so selfish, right?)

On the rare occasion that a teacher removes a course that you’re enrolled on, or if we have to remove it for legal reasons, then please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

What can I learn on MycoLearn?

At MycoLearn, we’re on a mission to empower those who want to promote a sustainable and plant-friendly future. Therefore, our aim is to provide as many eLearning opportunities as possible to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to develop your career, elevate your life, pursue your ambitions, and change the world!

You’ll find courses on topics such as yoga, content writing, plant-based health and nutrition, vegan cheesemaking, digital marketing, surfing, jewellery-making, languages, fermentation, personal development, and much much more.

How do I contact my teacher?

Remember that annoying kid at school who always put their hand up to ask questions just before break time? Yeah, that’s you.

Na, just kidding! We’re all nerds here. Whether you want to ask a question, share your progress, or chat with the other students taking your course, you can do so on the discussion board available within each course.

How long do I have to take each course?

We want you to have the freedom to learn whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want. So once you purchase a course, you’ll have full access for as long as MycoLearn has a license to that course.

Some teachers will choose to structure their courses along a timeline but it’s entirely up to you whether or not you stick to it…just don’t blame us if they stick you on the naughty step!

Do you give refunds?


Kidding! Kidding! Obviously…

If you change your mind about a course you purchased with us and have progressed through less than 25% of it, you have 7 days with which to cancel for a full refund.

After this, or if you’ve progressed through ≥25% of the course, you will be charged a small admin fee of £40 and must pay for the value of the service that has been provided to you. In other words, you will be refunded a proportionate sum (based on how much of the course you have taken) minus the admin fee.