How it works

1. SIGN UP to MycoLearn

Hit that sign-up button to gain exclusive access to our Staff Room…we have vegan cookies!

Well, not really but you will benefit from our free training courses, webinars, and regular live Q&As. Oh, and you’ll have the opportunity to network with other plant-based course creators!


There are so many ways in which you can market your online course and we’re here to show you how! We’ll provide you with heaps of webinars and resources to help you grow your followers, both within the MycoLearn community and beyond.

5. Make more courses

You’ll have direct access to student feedback on the MycoLearn platform and you’ll have the capability to update/edit your course whenever you want.

What’s more, you can keep creating and uploading more courses to your heart’s delight.

The possibilities are endless!

2. CREATE a Course

Make your course and publish it on MycoLearn using our easy in-built course creator tool (so easy our 9 year old niece can use it).

Once uploaded, you’ll be able to package your course according to your preferences. For example, you can edit the title, description, difficulty level, pricing, course benefits, thumbnail, attachments, and much more.

And we’ll provide you with plenty of best practice tips along the way!

4. Earn a passive income

Every time a student enrols on your course, you’ll receive the money straight to your account and can withdraw it whenever you wish.


A testimonial from Michael Heath, a teacher on the MycoLearn platform. He says: "As soon as I found out that MycoLearn was a platform for the vegan community, I knew I had to be a part of it. I am so proud to have my courses enjoyed by those who share the same values as I do"


Who can teach on MycoLearn?

We don’t just let any old riff-raff teach on MycoLearn. To become a teacher, you’ll have to pass rigorous training and jump through 10 hoops suspended 50 metres in the air…kidding!

We’re firm believers that everyone has something to teach, whether that’s astrophysics or how to sustainably fill your wardrobe. You don’t have to be an expert, simply enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

Our platform was developed to showcase the talents of the vegan community, so if you’re plant-based and you have a skill to share, then MycoLearn is the right course network for you!

Do I have to pay any fees to host my course on MycoLearn?

It’s completely free to publish your course on MycoLearn!

If a student enrols on your course, you’ll receive 70% of the revenue. And unlike Udemy, we won’t take more of your revenue if the sale resulted through our platform or MycoLearn promotions.

Find out more about Teacher Revenue. *COMING SOON*

Are there any course requirements?

Before your course can be published, our team will need to ensure that it follows our Course Quality Standards. Don’t worry, we’re not super strict, we just want to maintain a high-quality eLearning experience for our MycoLearn students.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with our MycoLearn Course Guidelines before you get started.

We’ll review all courses submitted and will give you the opportunity to make any updates if necessary. We aim to have your classes moderated within 14 days of submission.

What's the general structure of a MycoLearn course?

Our courses are usually video-based. If you want your students to send you a ‘Best Teacher’ mug for extra effort, you also have the option to upload supplemental teaching resources, such as PDF handouts, templates, and diagrams.

In addition, you can use our course creator tool to generate quizzes and assignments.

What course topics can I teach?

Your online course gives you the chance to share your skills and know-how with others. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to choose a topic you have 10 years of professional experience or a degree in but you’ll need to be knowledgeable and passionate about your subject area.

You’ll also need to figure out what your audience are interested in learning about. Read our article on How to Choose a Topic for your Online Course to find out more. And you’ll need to avoid these restricted topics.

Do you offer any training/resources to help me get started?


Once you’ve signed up as a teacher, you’ll be given access to our MycoLearn Staff Room, a private Facebook group that provides ongoing support and a training roadmap to guide you through the complete course creation process. From webinars to live Q&As, useful articles, and video tutorials, we’ve got everything you’ll need to build and market your online course on MycoLearn.

Don’t use Facebook? No worries, simply reply to your welcome email and we’ll sort you out!

How do I get paid?

You can choose to get paid via PayPal or direct bank transfer, which will be managed on your MycoLearn account.

Do I need to promote my own course?

It’s not a requirement but we definitely recommend it!

MycoLearn is set up so that our users can find you through our in-built search feature and we’ll be bringing in our own traffic to the platform. We also provide plenty of resources to support your own marketing efforts, which will boost the success of your online course and optimise it for sales.