9 fabulous vegan online course ideas

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Online course platforms provide a flexible and fun way to teach and learn. Thanks to webinar software and video-editing tools like Zoom, Demio, DaVinci Resolve, Canva, and iMovie, you can share your skills or learn almost anything from your own cosy living room!

What’s unique about MycoLearn is that it’s a vegan online course network. Our aim is to help vegans learn new things and earn some money by sharing knowledge and know-how. It’s a way to learn and grow together and help the vegan economy expand and flourish!

If you’re looking to share your skills and talents while making a bit of extra cash, consider teaching online. Simply use our resources and support to create your own classes, upload them onto the platform, and tell all your families and friends!

Vegan course creators will earn money on a royalty basis, so you’ll get paid every time someone signs up for your course. Not sure what to teach?

Here are a few nifty vegan online course ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. Vegan cheesemaking

Are you an alchemist in the kitchen, taking plant-based ingredients and combining them to create amazing vegan cheeses? Why not share your cheese-making magic tricks and teach others how to make their own homemade dairy-free cheese?

vegan cheesemaking course on mycolearn

2. Yoga classes

Online yoga classes have become immensely popular this past year ever since social distancing became the new normal. If you’re a certified yoga teacher, consider taking your classes to your computer screen and teaching from your own living space.

3. Animal rights activism

Handing out animal rights leaflets in front of the supermarket is probably by now a thing of the past. And not very eco-friendly when you think about it! The Internet is the perfect platform for vegan activism with so many social media networks available to spread words and images about animal rights.

Many animal lovers want to get involved but don’t know how or where to start. If you’re an experienced vegan activist, think about putting together an online how-to course and inspire others to get the word out there.

If you’re more of an in-person activist and attend lots of vigils, you could even put up an online class to teach other vegan activists how to stay safe, support their well-being, or prevent burnout!

vegan activism course on mycolearn

4. Vegan crafts

Have you picked up a hobby creating vegan crafts like candle-making, knitting, jewellery-making, or designing animal rights stickers? Maybe you’ve already thought of monetising your hobby by selling your creations on platforms like Etsy. But how about making a bit of extra income by teaching other vegans a new craft with an online course? You’ll be able to earn a passive income so you can spend more time doing what you love: being creative!

5. Vegan lifestyle coach

Becoming vegan overnight is a daunting prospect for many people who struggle just to get their five portions of fruit and veg a day. Having a friendly, knowledgeable and non-judgemental guide can make all the difference to transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. If you’re a long-time vegan you can share your experience and helpful tips by creating a how-to course for the vegan-curious.

6. Vegan nutrition coach

There’s lots of information on vegan nutrition available out there, and much of it is contradictory and downright confusing. It can be a challenge to know what you should or should not be eating, and how much.

Are you a certified vegan nutritionist? If so, consider putting together a handy online course covering all the nutrition basics for vegans looking to tweak their meal plans and adopt the healthiest diet possible. Plant-based protein sources, how to read product labels, creating meal plans, vitamins and supplements… these are only a few of the many potential topics to cover!

7. How to launch a vegan business

Vegan businesses have exploded in the past couple of years with growing awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet, not only for animals, but also for our health and our environment.

Have you launched a successful vegan business? Would you be interested in helping others take the first steps to set up their own plant-based venture? Develop an online vegan course and guide them through the steps of building a business from ideation and product development, down to finances and marketing.

starting a vegan business online course on mycolearn

8. Creating vegan beauty products

Cruelty and beauty do not go hand in hand. That’s why many people are making the switch to cruelty-free beauty products and cosmetics. Do you know how to make your own plant-based soap or face cream? Why not teach others how to make vegan beauty products that are free of additives and chemicals, and 100% cruelty-free!

9. Pet care

Do you love animals? Of course you do, you’re vegan! Do you have lots of experience living with pets and love sharing your tips and tricks with other animal lovers? How about putting together an online course on pet and animal care? Topics could include pet nutrition and health, grooming, dog training do’s and don’ts, how to understand your cat, natural and holistic care, and how to become a petsitter.

Learn more about MycoLearn, our vegan online course network!

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