Why should you learn on MycoLearn?

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You purchase from vegan brands, choose vegan-friendly beauty products and shop for vegan fashion brands. And now you can support a vegan economy through eLearning (or what we like to call…vLearning).

While the eLearning industry isn’t necessarily non-vegan, it doesn’t support a more sustainable and plant-friendly future. But MycoLearn is here to change that.

MycoLearn is giving eLearners an opportunity to make a positive impact every time they enrol in an online course. Our programmes are created by vegans, for vegans, or any other conscious consumers who want to be part of a positive change.

Become part of the vLearning revolution and signup to access our marketplace of online courses and start learning on MycoLearn today. 

mycolearn vegan students

What is MycoLearn?

MycoLearn is an eLearning platform featuring courses from vegan course creators with various professional and educational backgrounds. Your MycoLearn membership is entirely free, and courses are priced individually by the course creators. You’ll also join a community of other conscious students and gain access to valuable free resources and taster courses!

But why choose MycoLearn over other online course marketplaces?

1. Support a vegan economy

Veganism is much more than avoiding animal products; it’s a way of life.

The environmental implications of a non-vegan lifestyle are very concerning. We have a climate crisis on our hands and global warming is taking place in front of our eyes. The three primary gasses responsible for global warming are carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, which are all produced by the animal agriculture industry.

In David Attenborough’s film “A Life on Our Planet“, he predicts that by 2100 the earth will be around 4 degrees warmer, making parts of it entirely uninhabitable. If we don’t make drastic changes, this will very likely become a reality.

vegan activism

It’s no longer enough to simply eliminate animal products from your life. Creating and outwardly supporting a vegan economy is essential if we want to repair the damage that has been done. Supporting a vegan economy means intentionally choosing to spend your money on products/services that give back, make positive changes, and inspire others to do the same. It means not directly or indirectly supporting the exploitation of animals in any way.

At MycoLearn, we are providing a platform for people to learn valuable skills that they can use to bring value to their communities and inspire change. We are also providing a means for vegan teachers to earn an income, keeping the money circulating amongst the vegan community, making an exponential difference.

2. We use green web hosting

We host MycoLearn with GreenGeeks, a leader in green web hosting. What’s green web hosting? Well, the internet is not as environmentally sustainable as you might think. It takes a lot of energy to power the data centres that keep the internet running. Green hosting services aim to reduce or eliminate their emissions by using green energy, investing in renewable energy projects or participating in carbon offsetting.

GreenGeeks purchase three times the energy that they consume and put it back into the energy grid. Being carbon neutral is not enough if we want to reverse global warming. Green web hosting services are currently picking up the slack for those that are not so green, but hopefully, they will inspire others to make the switch.

3. We donate 5% of our profits to charity

Some amazing non-profits are making a huge difference for the animals and environment of our planet. These charities rely on donations to continue doing their game-changing work, and it is important to us to be a part of that. MycoLearn donates 5% of all profits to two remarkable charities: Surge Animal Sanctuary and Durrell Rewild Our World.

screenshot of animal sanctuary

Surge Animal Sanctuary is a newly established farm animal sanctuary in the rural Midlands of England. They opened in 2020 and have already rescued over 100 animals. One of their sheep, Eric, even has his own Instagram page! Surge is a safe, forever home for abused and unwanted animals, and we are so happy to give them our support.

Durrell Rewild Our World is on a mission to save species from extinction by rewilding ecosystems so that wild animals can thrive in their natural habitats. They aim to reconnect people with nature, demonstrating the value of the natural world and encouraging people to take responsibility for that. By donating a portion of our profits, MycoLearn is helping them to continue rewilding our planet and protecting endangered species.

4. Tons of courses all in one place!

When you signup for MycoLearn, you gain access to a variety of different courses all in one place. Whether you’re looking to learn more about going vegan or how to surf, we have courses for you created by industry experts.

Some of the courses you can find on MycoLearn include:

  • Courses from certified nutrition coaches on how to eat mindfully and cook nutritious vegan food at home
  • Courses on proper exercise form, understanding your body, and plant-based fitness tips from licensed fitness coaches
  • Vegan artists offering courses on creative mediums such as polymer clay
  • Using psychology to build better eating habits from professional development coaches
  • Courses on how to create engaging videos on your mobile from vegan film directors
  • Business growth strategies from experts with 10+ years in business
  • And so much more!

New courses are launching every day, so you’ll continuously have access to interesting and informative new content.

5. Join a vegan community

animal on a laptop video chat

MycoLearn is more than just an eLearning platform; it’s a community. You won’t be left to navigate the courses on your own. You’ll have support from us, plus be able to chat to your teachers and other students about the course content every step of the way. MycoLearn is a hub for vegans and conscious humans from all over the world to connect, learn and grow together.

Start learning on MycoLearn

If you’re still not convinced, then maybe just the fact that we are the coolest school on the internet will sway you. Honestly, all the cool kids go here. Become part of the vLearning revolution and gain new skills sustainably on MycoLearn.

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