Why you should host your online course on MycoLearn

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Online courses have the potential to not only provide huge value to those who take them, but also to make you some passive income and increase traffic to your business. You put a lot of time and energy into creating a course – from creating the content, shooting the video and making presentations. But before you can start selling your course, you need to decide where you’re going to host it.

Compared to self hosting your online course, hosting via an online learning platform is much more straightforward. Unless you already have a huge following and are super tech-savvy then creating, marketing and self-hosting your course can be extremely stressful and involved.

On the flip side, using a hosting platform, like MycoLearn, gives you direct access to all their users, plus you can easily create your course using our intuitive course builder. 

How does MycoLearn work?

MycoLearn is a subscription-based learning platform with courses made by vegans, for vegans. Users pay a monthly subscription which provides them access to the full database of educational content and classes. As a course creator, you earn royalties based on a few metrics including: performance rating, students enrolled, and course completions. The more popular your course, the more you’ll make!

But why should you choose to host with MycoLearn over other hosting platforms?

1.   Vegans supporting vegans

In the vegan community, we love to support each other. That’s why MycoLearn is an entirely vegan platform which allows vegan course creators and tutors to share their skills with other vegans. That doesn’t mean the courses need to be solely around vegan topics, although they can be. MycoLearn serves as a hub for vegans in all industries to create and take courses on all topics: from marketing to business and everything in between! 

2.   Exposure

Self-promotion and marketing will always help increase traffic to your online course, but with MycoLearn you don’t have to go it alone. Hosting your course on MycoLearn can hugely increase the exposure that it receives from the vegan community. Everyone that registers with the platform will be able to browse their interests and find your course. They can also just browse all the classes available, stumble upon your content and it could pique their interest.

If you are self-hosting your course, it will take a long time to build up your SEO so that it appears on search engine results pages. Plus, you will need to build up an online presence and invest a lot of time and money into marketing.

Not only will hosting on MycoLearn help vegan learners easily find your course, but it will also increase your business exposure. For example, if you’re an online yoga teacher and host a yoga fundamentals course on MycoLearn, then those who take your course might want to explore further material from you. This can help boost your social following, increase traffic to your own website and ultimately increase your business sales as a whole. 

3.   Passive income

Once you create and publish your educational content, the majority of the hard work is done. Promoting your online course will help drive traffic to it, but other than that the course essentially runs itself. It will remain hosted on MycoLearn whether you choose to market it or not, meaning vegan users can still see and take your course. The only further action you might need to take is to make some tweaks now and then based on feedback or content becoming outdated. You will also need to answer questions from students, and be there to support them as needed, but it’s essentially a passive income source.

4.   Course creator tool

Never made an online course before? No problem! You can create yours using MycoLearn’s drag and drop builder where you can create a class structure with modules and lessons within them. You can upload your pre-made videos directly into the builder and then add your text. Plus you can create quizzes and assignments directly in the builder as well. The course creator tool is super user-friendly, so whether you’re tech savvy or not you can build a comprehensive and engaging course. 

5. Low competition 

MycoLearn is a new platform, and was created specifically for vegans. Large hosting platforms like Skillshare or Udemy have thousands of courses, meaning yours will be a small fish in a very big pond. Users are less likely to take your course when they have so many options to choose from. With MycoLearn, you’ll have less competition. Although the platform has less users, a higher volume of learners will take your course. You will have access to a specifically vegan market, meaning if your course is centered around something vegans would be interested in, then it will hugely increase your conversions.

Hosting your course on MycoLearn

As a vegan course creator or industry expert, there is no better place to host your vegan course than MycoLearn. Besides the perks of creating an online course, like sharing valuable information and creating a passive income source, hosting with MycoLearn gives you the added benefit of increased exposure to a network of vegan learners. 

MycoLearn connects vegan industry experts (that’s you!) with vegan learners, who might soon turn into your personal clients! Sign up for an exclusive opportunity to become a Myco Teacher here

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